Lentil’s Second Birthday

Time has gone so quickly since I carried you inside
Knowing you were there made me feel so full of pride
My gorgeous boy, my first born, my son, my love
Every day you are the first and last thing I think of.

Today we’re here to celebrate the day you should be two
So many people want you to know how much they all love you
You should be walking, talking, running, making us all laugh,
Getting covered in mud and then refusing to have a bath.

I’m sure you’d keep me busy if you were here today
Wanting to read books and laugh and sing and play
I wonder what you would think of your gorgeous little sister
Would you have fought or have constantly hugged and kissed her?

I wish we could be in the garden searching for tiny bugs
I wish we could be sharing sticky sweaty hugs
I wish we could wreck the front room using cushions to build forts
I wish you were here instead of just always in my thoughts

I treasure the stretch marks that now cover my tummy
Forever showing that I am your mummy
A day will never pass when I won’t really miss you
I can’t believe it’s so long since I was able to kiss you

I wish so many things for you my darling gorgeous boy
I wish that your life had been long and completely full of joy
But today we celebrate the short life that you had
Even though missing you will always make us sad

You will never know how happy you made me feel
Right from the beginning when I wondered if you could be real
I have always loved you right from day one
My gorgeous, ticklish, wonderful son.

This year we have decided to donate gifts to the children’s ward at our local hospital again for Lentil’s birthday.  Hopefully we can brighten up the days of some other children who are going through a tough time.  We were able to buy quite a bit as Lentil’s granny, grandpa and great grandma all contributed and some people who heard about what we were doing also donated some bits and pieces.

The hospital needed a new play kitchen so after some advice we bought the IKEA kitchen as it apparently lasts well.

We got some other bits and pieces too, I’m really pleased with everything that we’ve managed to get together to donate.

I also bought a rainbow kite, I thought that it would be nice to go and fly it as a family and put a rainbow in the sky for Lentil on his birthday.  Of course, we’ve also made Lentil a cake for his birthday which we will share later.

Lentil’s grandma and gramps bought a cherry tree for us to plant to mark his second birthday and his auntie and uncle sent some bees to a family in need to help them to make honey to sell.  2017-06-14 13.45.52

I love the fact that Lentil’s short life continues to have a positive impact. 

Happy birthday little man, we love you so much xx


2 thoughts on “Lentil’s Second Birthday

  1. Happy second birthday Lentil! I love the play kitchen and gifts you donated.

    It’s a very strange sense of time, I don’t know what to say about two whole years!

    Hope you’re doing ok xx

    Liked by 1 person

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