Little Monkey!

Pip really is determined to be a pickle!  I felt funny all day yesterday, grumpy, emotional and a bit achey in my stomach.  Paul was working from home so I just kept an eye on it.  In the evening the aching became worse, Paul asked if I wanted to go to the hospital.  My instant response was ‘yes!’. So off we went.  The main road to get us there was closed and we had to drop our dog off with my parents on the way so the journey took about 45 minutes.  The aching wasn’t going anywhere so it was a very quiet, slightly nerve wracking journey.

We arrived at the hospital and the aching continued to increase.  I was connected up to a machine for monitoring.  Pip was very happy and the aches weren’t in my head.  I was having contractions, about every 2.5 minutes and with increasing intensity.  There was a lot of umming and ahhing as they won’t put a neck cannula in until absolutely necessary.  Then, quite suddenly after about two hours in hospital the contractions eased.

We were kept in overnight and I was given a steroid injection to help Pip’s lungs to develop just in case the contractions start again and we need to bring the c-section forward.

We’re back at my parents now (as they’re closer to the hospital) going back in this evening for a second injection and some more monitoring if I want it.

Hopefully Pip will stay put, at least until the steroids kick in!

2 thoughts on “Little Monkey!

  1. I’m glad you followed your instinct and overcame the hassles in order to go to the hospital and be monitored. I went into premature labour with my second son and was given something to stop the contractions and the steroid injections to mature the lungs. He held on for another couple of weeks but as we lived 86 miles from the hospital I’m glad we went in even though I was initially told it would probably just be Braxton Hicks. I hope Pip decides to stay put for a bit longer and that he or she quits with the antics.

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