Better The Devil You Know

I had my appointment with the anaesthetist today and I can’t decide if it’s calmed me down or made me more anxious!  They now have a plan which is great, it’s just that some of the plan isn’t really what I’d choose.  The most important thing is to get Pip here safely so I’m happy to go with the advice given but it’s still a bit scary.

I’ve mentioned before that because of my disability I can’t have blood taken easily.  I usually have blood taken from the tops of my feet or the back of my left hand and I’ve had a cannula in the back of my left hand before too.  After a thorough once over today it was decided that I’ll need a cannula in my neck for the c-section.  

The vein in my hand is too narrow and would be useless if I needed a blood transfusion.  There is also the risk of it collapsing if used.  I’ve been told that I must not under any circumstances allow them to try to put needles near my arms.  My feet can’t be used either as there will be bleeding between my feet and heart / brain.  Anything I’m given via my feet could just leak out before it’s any use.  So my neck is really the only option.  I don’t relish the thought of having a needle stuck in my neck but I’d prefer them to have decided that’s the plan and everything to go smoothly than them trying to get it in somewhere else and it all going horribly wrong during surgery.

I also got the go ahead for a spinal anaesthetic, the anaesthetist doesn’t think there will be any problem getting the needle into my spine so that’s a relief.  

After today I find it incomprehensible that anyone would choose this as a birthing method over a natural birth.  I know that it’s best for Pip and best for me to have a c-section this time so that’s what I’ll do but actually despite the tearing last time I would much prefer to have another natural birth.  Maybe after the c-section, when I can really compare the two I’ll have a better understanding!  I suppose the unknown is always the scarier option.  

It’s June tomorrow, we will finally be in the month when we will meet our baby and right now, despite the fears, I’m excited!

3 thoughts on “Better The Devil You Know

  1. I am glad you have been prepared for all of this. It would have been overwhelming to turn up on the day and be told about the canula in the neck.

    I quite agree with you about not understanding people choosing c-sections for non-necessary reasons. Two of mine (the second and the last) were delivered by Cesarean, absolutely because it was the only safe option, and the recovery was definitely much harder than my vaginal deliveries. Especially because I had older children, it was so hard not being able to do any lifting or stretching or anything like that for weeks. After my second c-section, my car insurance also would not cover me to drive for 8 weeks so that was hard too. I had to push one in a buggy and carry the baby in the carrier while keeping an eye on my older two who were walking. I had not realised how hard on the stomach muscles pushing a buggy was until then. On the other hand, however, while I am certain I would never have voluntarily had a c-section had I not been medically compelled to do so, it was not as awful an experience as I imagined it to be. I thought it would be even more sterile and impersonal than a regular hospital delivery but actually the experience was not that much different emotionally. Ultimately the most important thing is that Pip arrives safe, sound and screaming into the world.

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