Karma Squirrels

Karma squirrels were born a few years ago after a conversation I overheard.  I was on a school trip with my class of 30 six and seven year olds when I overheard a conversation between two of the boys.  It went something like this:

Boy 1: do you know what karma is?

Boy 2: no, what is it?

Boy 1: it’s when you do something bad so squirrels throw nuts at you and stuff.

I love this idea, trees full of vengeful rodents watching your every move and working out how to make you pay when you do something they don’t like!

I like to think that the karma squirrels have a kind side too though, that they also reward people for their good actions.  

Lately Paul and I have been feeling like the karma squirrels are out to get us.  Maybe a case of mistaken identity? I don’t think either of us have done anything bad enough to deserve some of the cards we’ve been dealt over the last year.

I had some better luck this week though so maybe the tide is turning.  When I was pregnant with Lentil I started to think about things that might make life easier once Lentil arrived.  My disability makes it hard for me to carry a baby for a long period of time so I felt like some kind of baby carrier would be a necessity.  I absolutely fell in love with the Tula in the rainbow nimbus design.

We have a cloud theme in the nursery and I love rainbows so this seemed perfect.  

Unfortunately Tulas are not cheap and I couldn’t spend that sort of money on something that I may not be able to manage.  I kept an eye out for second hand ones (although they tend to be just as expensive as new!) and booked an appointment with a sling library so that I could see if this was the right baby carrier for me.  Before I could have my appointment at the sling library Lentil was born and died.  Now all I have are the memories.  Every time I see a rainbow I think of my gorgeous little boy, everything about him is such a mix of emotions, such a combination of joy and despair.  A rainbow fits so well as a symbol for my little man.

Now that I’m expecting again and Pip will be here shortly I’m thinking again about how I will manage.  I searched for my dream Tula but unfortunately it has been discontinued and I still couldn’t really spend so much on something that may be tricky for me to manage.  I joined some sling and baby wearing groups on Facebook in an effort to understand the different types available.  I also joined some Facebook groups where second hand baby carriers are sold.  Then I came across sling dip groups.  Sling dip groups work like raffles, you buy a ticket and you can win a carrier.

I was quite dubious at first and was a bit worried that I’d end up spending a fortune so I set myself some very clear guidelines.  I decided that I would only dip if it was a carrier that I absolutely loved and thought I may be able to manage.  I was tempted quite a few times, there are some beautiful carriers available but I resisted temptation and decided to wait for one that I really wanted.

A few days ago I popped over to Facebook and one of the sling dip pages had just posted that there was going to be an exciting dip shortly.  I decided I’d head over to their page and have a look.  I couldn’t believe it when they announced a few minutes later that they were going to be dipping a Rainbow Nimbus Tula!  I decided to buy four dips, costing me a total of £8.49.  The dips sold out in four and a half minutes.  I can’t believe that I just happened to be on Facebook when it popped up.  I couldn’t dare to hope that I might win, I try not to hope or wish for anything other than Pip arriving safely.  I don’t want to use my good luck up on other things.  

I admitted to Paul that I’d bought some dips and told him that I’d probably wasted our money.  Being on my second maternity leave in a row money’s a bit tight and I was feeling a bit guilty.  A few minutes after my confession the winner was announced, it was me!  It was lucky I’d told Paul as I had to get him to confirm that it was my name being announced.  The first time I’d taken part in a dip and I’d won, and I hadn’t just won anything, I’d won the baby carrier that I’ve wanted for so long.  The baby carrier that will remind me of Pip’s big brother every time we use it.

At the back of my mind I was a bit concerned that maybe it was all a scam but this morning my beautiful Tula arrived!  Now I just need to wait for Pip to make an appearance.  I can’t wait to snuggle up with Pip while we go for walks and other outings.  My win has even made up a little bit for the gestational diabetes diagnosis and has almost removed my cake cravings completely!


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