The Motherhood Challenge

Recently my Facebook feed has been full of people taking part in the motherhood challenge.  Mums are sharing pictures that make them proud to be a mother.  Initially I felt a bit upset about them but I was having trouble working out why.  I love looking at the photos, seeing happy, laughing, smiling friends and their children.  Then I realised, it’s not that the idea upsets me, it’s that I want to be included but I can completely understand that none of my friends would tag me to take part.  They would understandably think that it would be insensitive, they may not even consider tagging me or they may consider it then worry that it’s the wrong thing to do.

So I’m nominating myself.  I am so happy and proud to be a mother.  I may not have a child to hold in my arms right now but I have two who I hold so dearly in my heart and one of those is snuggled safely growing inside me.  So why shouldn’t I celebrate too?

I love this photo of Lentil, this was around seven months, I couldn’t wait to meet my little man.  
This photo reminds me of how soft Lentil’s skin was, I had been stroking his head just before the photo was taken, trying to make sure that I would always remember that feeling.

I love how peaceful Lentil looks in this picture, he could so easily just be sleeping. 

This is the very first picture we have of Pip, Pip was doing a lovely wriggly dance and I was so relieved.  
We were really lucky to be able to have a 4D scan, I love Pip’s little shocked face! 
This was one of the pictures from our 20 week scan, I was so relieved to see that Pip was ok, arms and heart growing normally, wriggling away.  I also love the way that it looks like Pip is kissing a heart shape, no idea what that actually is, some very unromantic part of me I’m sure but it makes a lovely picture!

I am incredibly proud of both of my children and I always will be.  I’m proud of being a mum and I’m so proud of the amazing dad that my husband is to both of them.


8 thoughts on “The Motherhood Challenge

  1. That final picture is just gorgeous, I wonder what the heart shape is? Not the placenta? Lovely photos. It’s nice to see a non angry view of the challenge. I personally haven’t taken part, that’s just me I have no idea how is feel if I was in your position. I guess I too would want to feel included xx

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  2. I’m glad that you nominated yourself. The 4D photo is amazing. I personally felt a bit sad at the ‘challenge’ for a few reasons. Firstly I have no newborn photos of my 2 gorgeous adopted boys and I can’t post photos of their faces on Facebook. I am an immensely proud mummy and would love to take the challenge, but feel it would be a half hearted attempt as all the photos that I want to share I can’t. Instead I will try and be more positive looking at other people’s children and celebrate motherhood no matter how you got there or what form it takes.

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  3. What a lovely post. You should indeed be very proud of your family, and yourself too! Your 4d pic is amazing! Any time we’ve tried to look at our baba he has his face squished in to the placenta! Shy baby!!!

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