Maybe I’m not just lazy?

This morning I received a phone call from my doctor, they’ve got my blood test results back and it turns out I have a gammy thyroid to add to my collection of ailments.  It’s no great surprise as quite a few members of my family have thyroid issues and mine has been borderline for a while but still it’s not great timing!

Left untreated an underactive thyroid could be really dangerous for Pip.  I hate taking any sort of medication and tend to avoid it at all costs.  I’m one of those annoying people who generally speaking would prefer to be in pain than to take painkillers so the idea of taking tablets every day for the rest of my life isn’t massively appealing.  However the doctor has assured me that there is no risk to Pip from me taking the medication but not taking it would be risky so hand me the tablets!  

I’m waiting for them to call me back after speaking to a specialist as the doctor isn’t sure of what dose to start me on.  Initially I was really nervous about the idea of taking medication, especially while I’m pregnant but I’ve been doing some reading and now I feel like I can’t start on them soon enough.

An underactive thyroid can cause tiredness, weight gain and depression.  Three things that I feel are relevant to me. I’ve been feeling absolutely exhausted for a while now, far more so than when I was pregnant with Lentil.  I feel guilty about how little I’m doing but I just don’t have the energy.  I weigh a lot more now than I used to but I did have a baby in June and I’m 11 weeks pregnant so that could be attributed to more than a dodgy thyroid!  And depression.  Am I depressed? I don’t know.  My level of TV watching has definitely increased and my level of activity has definitely decreased.  I’m not feeling bored anymore and that worries me but it may well be linked to the constant tiredness.  Hopefully the thyroid medication will get me back on track and I’ll feel like a whole new person before I know it!

3 thoughts on “Maybe I’m not just lazy?

  1. My bestie has Graves Desease and she is currently pregnant. It’s important to make sure your thyroid levels are normalized because it could cause your body to attack the fetus. Even if pill popping isn’t for you, for this you should definitely get sorted. Good luck!!!
    I’m also checking my thyroid post partem next Friday. I gained weight I can’t loose and my energy levels r low. Both uncommon to me.

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