‘We’re Ok’ Open House

A few weeks ago we saw a couple of friends who mentioned that they’d been finding it hard to know when and how to get in touch.  We decided that a lot of friends may be feeling like this.  Not knowing quite when it’s time to encourage us to leave the house, being afraid of having to deal with a blubbering mess, not knowing what to say, wondering whether it’s ok to meet us with their children in tow.  I appreciate it can feel like a bit of a minefield.  We didn’t want people to worry about making contact and we were starting to feel more ready for socialising so we decided to do something about it.

We invited some of our friends to come to a ‘We’re OK’ open house.  We arranged it for the bank holiday weekend, on Sunday, when Lentil would have been eleven weeks old.  We hoped that even if people couldn’t come they would at least know that we were ready to see people again and might be less worried about popping in to say hello or inviting us out.

I also thought that it would be a good way to get rid of some of the copious amount of baked goods that I seem to be generating at present, although I still have about 60 items in the freezer so may have over-baked, despite having to top the table up several times!

Around 25 people came over the course of the day.  It was really lovely to see people and to have a catch up with everyone.  We’ve also arranged to see some of the people who couldn’t make it on the day, it’s nice to have some things to look forward to in the diary.  It was really good to hear news from our old lives too, things that are going on at work or in the lives of our friends.  I’m really glad that we decided to step slightly out of our comfort zone and invite everyone over.

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4 thoughts on “‘We’re Ok’ Open House

  1. I think this is a really lovely idea and I am glad you thought to do it. I also think it was rather nice of your friend to just come out and say that they were unsure as to when would be appropriate to visit. I found I could always deal with people being up front far better than I could the people who opted for silence and avoidance. I am sure everyone enjoyed your baked goodies too.


  2. Maybe you could drop the remaining baked items into your school for a cake sale and donate the funds to Lentils fundraising 🙂
    I’m sure everyone will be quite keen on some home made things after returning to work and school after their long holiday 🙂 xx

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