Multiseed Bread

I accidentally bought this bread mix when I did some online shopping.  I thought that I was just buying brown bread flour but clearly not!  I decided to give the bread mix a go today and see how it turned out.   
The bread mix comes with instructions on how to make it in a bread machine or by hand.  I decided to make it in the thermomix and just followed the instructions that I would normally use for bread in there.

I put the bread mix into the thermomix then added one tablespoon of olive oil and 330ml of warm water.  I mixed the ingredients for 20 seconds on speed three.  Then put onto the dough setting for a minute and a half.  I then tipped the dough out and put into a greased loaf tin.  Leave to rise under a tea towel for about an hour.

Once the dough has risen you need to pop it into the oven to cook.  The instructions said to cook it at 230C for 30 minutes but my oven is quite hot so I cooked it at 180C for 35 minutes which works fine.

The bread was delicious and had a really lovely crust.  I’d definitely use this mix from Sainsburys again.


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