Treehouse Holiday In St Keverne

My lovely sister bought Paul and I a night in Tree Sparrow House in St Keverne, Cornwall to try to cheer us up and get us out of the house.    
The treehouse was really cute and beautifully built.  The access was a little tricky as the steps are steep and narrow but that did make it feel more adventurous!

The setting was lovely.  There are quite a few other places to stay on the main site, caravans mainly and the views are gorgeous.
Inside there is everything you could possibly need, we immediately put the kettle on when we got there!


There are lots of cute little features, like these shelves made of branches.
The view from inside the treehouse is just beautiful.


I really loved the bed, right up in the roof of the treehouse.  Again access was a little tricky as you have to climb a ladder but it was fine.
Being away from home was really hard but I’m really glad that we went as it was a lovely mini adventure.  The next day we went to the Seal Sanctuary in Gweek.  Seals are Paul’s favourite animals, it was nice to see them and to get out and about.

3 thoughts on “Treehouse Holiday In St Keverne

  1. What a wonderful spot for a getaway. That looks to be a very magical and charming treehouse. We also went away for a break after the loss of our son and it definitely helped us to be out of routine, out of going through the motions, out of everyone’s gaze and away from their expectations for a few days. I hope you find your break to be an opportunity for decompression.

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