My Dog Loves To Sing

Maisy is a rescue dog, we met and fell in love 6 years ago, she’s now 8, she’s still a monkey, she has her foibles.  I was living with my parents when I decided that I really needed a dog, I’d moved back in with them as I was supply teaching and it was difficult to make ends meet.  I had been looking for a small dog, but a real dog, I wanted a dog that was small enough that I could lift her if I needed to, if she needed a bath or to be taken to the vet but wouldn’t fit in my handbag.  The website where I saw her said that she was a Yorkshire Terrier x Jack Russell.  My dad had said that it was fine for me to get a dog, as long as it wasn’t a terrier.  Clearly I decided that I should go and meet her regardless.  There was no going back from that moment.  The rescue centre approved the match and soon after we brought her home.She was house trained which is always a nice surprise as you never quite know with a rescue dog, she loved cuddles, in many ways she was perfect.  She was bigger than I expected and I couldn’t lift her but that didn’t seem to matter anymore!  She just had one slight problem in that she really suffered with separation anxiety and she was incredibly protective towards me.  She gradually calmed down, we saw dog behaviourists who were baffled by her.  I met Paul, I warned him that Maisy wouldn’t like him but he gave her no choice.  The first time he came home (officially to meet my parents but really to meet Maisy) Paul rugby tackled Maisy to the ground, she immediately surrendered and he has been her beloved master from that moment on.

Since discovering that I was pregnant Maisy was ultra protective and when we went home without Lentil she was just so sad.  There is no doubt in my mind that she knew something was very wrong.  She’s getting back to normal again now but is still very protective, especially if I’m on my own with her and someone comes to the door.  Lately she’s been spending a lot of time in Lentil’s room.  She’s discovered a lovely sun spot in there and enjoys sitting in there quietly on her own.

It seems to me that Maisy was looking forward to having someone new to play with.  She loved to snuggle up against my bump and Lentil wriggled when she did.  She was much more gentle around me and didn’t jump up during the pregnancy.  Maisy wanted (yep, she definitely did) to do something for Lentil.  But it’s hard when you’re a dog.  She wanted to raise some money but she isn’t great at baking or organising raffles.  What she can do is sing, so that’s what she has done!  If you ‘enjoyed’ her rendition of an Enrique Inglesias classic she would be delighted if you could make a donation to Lentil’s memorial fund.  Please feel free to share this blog so that more people can witness her extraordinary talent!  All money donated goes towards a special unit for grieving parents at Derriford Hospital in Plymouth.  It provides a quiet space for parents to have time with their child after they have died.  You can text LENT75 and the amount you would like to donate, for example Ā£2 to 70070 or visit  Although we have reached our target we would really like to raise more as the unit needs Ā£200000 to make all of the improvements needed.

7 thoughts on “My Dog Loves To Sing

  1. This blog post took me by surprise (not in a bad way!) as you captured what must be an extremely heartbreaking time within an upbeat piece of writing. I’m so incredibly impressed by your positivity. This is such a credit to you. It is great you have Maisy closely by your side and no doubt Lentil will be enjoying her singing from up above. Warmest wishes to you, Sarah x

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  2. Adorable dog! I wish mine was as baby warm šŸ™‚ she was a great bump warmer however!
    The image in Lentils nursery makes me so sad. I remember coming home empty handed and our little girls things about. It was so hard packing up her clothes and all her things šŸ˜¦

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    1. We haven’t packed anything up. I like seeing all of his things around. It helps me to keep believing he was real. I don’t know if it’s healthier to pack things away? It’s hard to know what to do for the best really. Maisy is a cutie though šŸ™‚


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