Dressed Up Drawers

I love a bit of upcycling.  I love to get a bargain and I love having something that no-one else has.  So when it came to decorating Lentil’s nursery it was pretty likely that something was going to get upcycled.  

We needed a chest of drawers for the room so I set about searching gumtree for the perfect piece of furniture.  I found some solid pine drawers that were a bit ugly but would fit the space perfectly so informed my husband that he’d need to pick them up on his way home from work, he so loves it when I find a bargain online and he then needs to go and collect it!  Unfortunately I didn’t take a very good picture of the drawers as they were when they arrived but you can get an idea. 

It’s a fairly unexciting set of 5 drawers, varnished pine, funny little handles that are quite hard to grip, it’s also quite tall and had ugly bulbous pine feet.

I never got around to upcycling the drawers before Lentil’s arrival as I read that inhaling paint fumes can be dangerous for an unborn baby.  After Lentil died we decided quite quickly that we still really wanted children, whether we have our own or we end up adopting we definitely want children in our lives.  I needed a project so decided that I may as well get the drawers sorted for whoever is going to come along in the future.

I began sanding the varnish off the drawers, my husband pointed out that I was making the house rather dusty and suggested that I move my project into the garden!  At this point he offered his help and took over the sanding.  I was very grateful for this as the electric sander seemed to have a life of it’s own.  My hands aren’t quite big enough for it and trying to switch it on or off while it tried to escape was comical.

While my husband continued to sand I started on the painting.  We used Farrow and Ball All White paint in Estate Eggshell finish.  I love this paint it goes on smoothly and covers really well.  It needed 3 coats of paint to cover it completely.  We possibly could have got away with two but I felt that three would make it more hard wearing.

I really hated the feet and handles on the drawer unit so we removed the feet.  They were just screwed on and came off easily.  The handles were also pretty uninspiring and not very exciting for a child’s room.  I spent ages looking for the perfect handles.  We gave the nursery a sky / weather theme with clouds, sun and rainbows so I wanted something that went with this.  I was so pleased when I found some gorgeous handles on Etsy from Leila’s Loft.

This is the finished chest of drawers, I’m pretty pleased with them!


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