Lentil: An Introduction 

In October I came down with tonsillitis. I was advised by my GP surgery to attend the minor illnesses clinic at my local hospital. I did this and was prescribed antibiotics. I hate taking medication and always drive myself mad reading all of the side effects listed on the little leaflet inside. I read that the antibiotics shouldn’t be taken by pregnant women, my period was due the next day so I decided to wait, just in case. The next day my period didn’t come and my tonsillitis was still really bad so I rang the GP to check what I should do. I was told to wait until the next day, do a pregnancy test in the morning, if it was negative I could take the antibiotics.The next day my husband left for work as usual. I got out of bed and took the pregnancy test. It was a digital test and almost immediately it told me I was pregnant and had been for 2-3 weeks. To say I was gobsmacked would have been an understatement. My husband and I had got married the previous February and we wanted to have children but we weren’t actively trying. I have a genetic condition, there’s a 50% chance of passing it on. It causes problems with the growth of arms, collarbone and heart. We were still deciding whether to have children naturally or adopt. A big part of me felt that if I happened to get pregnant naturally while we were deciding that would make life easier as the decision would be taken from us. I worried about the guilt I would feel if we actively tried for a baby and the baby was then ill because of my condition but none of that mattered anymore as the decision was made. I was pregnant and I needed to tell my husband!

I rang him, he was on his way to work, luckily he has handsfree in his car so he was able to answer my call, I decided to start with “don’t crash the car but…”. He was so excited, shocked, but excited. I could hear the happiness in his voice. It was just the best feeling ever but along with the feeling of joy there was a huge feeling of worry and responsibility. I now needed to keep this tiny little person safe. We told close family about the pregnancy and I told a couple of work colleagues. We felt it was too early to tell lots of people but I wanted a couple of people at school to know in case anything went wrong. At six weeks a pregnancy app told me that our baby was the size of a lentil, I told my husband this and from that moment on our baby was known as Lentil.

At nine weeks I had a small amount of bleeding, I called my GP who arranged for me to have a scan. We went to the scan, I was so terrified that we would be told that we’d lost Lentil. To our great relief we were told that everything was fine. We saw his heartbeat , he looked like a fish on the scan. Arm buds were just beginning to grow and I spent most of my spare time talking to Lentil telling him to make sure he grew long arms, to remember to grow thumbs and to grow a strong, healthy heart.


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