Fabulous Family and Friends

We have realised just how lucky we are to have such amazing family and friends lately and we have also really appreciated the generosity and kindness of strangers.  I’ve been finding it quite hard to leave the house since Lentil’s death and receiving little messages from family, friends and strangers has really helped.  

The fundraising has also been completely overwhelming.  We initially set out to raise £5000 but we very quickly met this target and decided to increase it to £10000.  The unit that we are raising money for is so important.  It allows parents who have children who die before, during or soon after birth to have a separate space, away from the normal maternity ward where they can spend time with their child and grieve in peace.  Unfortunately at present parents still have to enter and exit this unit through the normal maternity doors, one of the next plans to improve the unit is to build a separate entrance.  I can say from personal experience that this will really help, the sound of a crying baby is only just something that I’m beginning to be able to bear.  Initially it tore my heart in two.  We have now reached a total of £13335.24, £10649.30 has been donated via our Just Giving Page, another £2385.94 has been donated as a result of gift aid and £300 was donated in cash.  We are so thrilled with the amount of money raised in memory of Lentil, we are so proud of him and the positive impact he has had.  We’d still like to raise so much more as ideally the unit needs £200000 to make all of the improvements needed.

As well as supporting the special unit at Derriford Hospital we also wanted to support the Jubilee Midwives, they are a team who work with ladies in the area who want home births.  We decided to use the £300 that we received in cash to buy TENS machines for the Jubilee Team to use with women in labour as that’s what they said would be most useful.  We managed to buy 6 TENS machines and a pile of spare electrodes.  We were really lucky as the manufacturer gave us a big discount when they heard about why we were buying them.


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