20 weeks

We began seeing our midwife regularly and were so excited every time she listened to Lentil’s heartbeat, it was the best sound I’d ever heard, it filled me with joy every time and was so reassuring to know he was ok. At about 17 weeks I started to feel the first flutters of movement and soon after that Paul felt a kick too. It was so special. We loved feeling him moving around. We went for our twenty week scan, again I was worried, I was sure we’d find that Lentil’s arms had stopped growing or that his heart hadn’t formed properly but once again we were reassured. Everything was fine, he was growing exactly as he should. Our beautiful boy was perfect although a little camera shy this time as he wouldn’t pose for a clear photo! 

 We decided that we didn’t want to find out whether Lentil was a girl or a boy at this point although a few weeks later he gave us a very definite sign! Paul put his hand on my tummy and said ‘kick if you’re a boy’, we very quickly had a very big kick! We tried again with ‘kick if you’re a girl’ and felt no movement at all. We already had a feeling that he’d be a boy as all our friends seemed to be having girls and my husbands family is full of boys.  

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