Happy Birthday Pip!

Juniper, now that you’re turning three,

I’m starting to wonder just what you might be?

A marine biologist? With your love of swimming and rays?

An accountant? Will you find your love of numbers pays?

Maybe you’ll be an artist or a songwriter?

Whatever you choose, your future couldn’t be brighter.

You’re clever, you’re funny, you constantly amaze me

You fill me with love and you drive me crazy

You’re headstrong, you’re bold, you’re as kind as can be

Sometimes I can’t believe you’re only just three!

You will never fully know the effect that you had

On both your mum and your besotted dad

When you came along we were broken, our lives had been shattered,

Our hearts were in pieces, they were bruised and battered

Then you arrived and you showed us it would all be ok

With your smile and your giggle you led the way

You make the lives around you that little bit richer

Just by being there in the picture

Since you came bursting into the world kicking and screaming

It’s not often that I’ve stopped beaming

You fill my heart with love and with pride

I’m completely biased but I think it’s justified

My little girl, you’ll do big things

When I think of you my heart simply sings

I love you, I adore you, I’m so glad you’re mine,

I’ll be there for you until the end of time.


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